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Next Steps If Funded

Distribution of Awarded Grants

If our trustees approve your proposal for funding, we will send you a grant agreement detailing the terms. We will disburse the first payment (80% of the total grant) upon receipt of the signed agreement. Upon acceptance of an end of project report, we will disburse the second payment (20% of the total grant).

Funds received from the foundation may be used only for the awarded project. The foundation must receive your end of project report upon project completion, or an interim report if your project is incomplete by the end of the one-year grant period.​ If an extension is needed, please consult with foundation staff.

Grant funds can only be disbursed (via wire or check) to an account in the name of the organization listed on the certificate of nonprofit status that you provided as part of your proposal. Please also note that we cannot wire money to a foreign (non-US) bank if your bank does not have a corresponding bank in the United States.

End of Project Report
A report must be submitted at the end of the project when its funding cycle ends and before the final disbursement of grant funds. Please submit your report by logging into your account in our online grant management system. A copy of the questions you are asked to answer in that report is available here for download.

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