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Heidi Ellard, Board Chair

Heidi has more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning, communications, business management, and community organizing. She brings a deep passion and enthusiasm to the nonprofit and private sector organizations with whom she works. A trustee since 2007, Heidi has been dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability practices, supporting grassroots organizations through impact investing and targeted grantmaking, and encouraging cultural awareness and inclusion in the United States and abroad.


Henry Paulus

Henry is a retired biochemist and former colleague of our founder, Don Comb, at Harvard Medical School. Henry has been a trustee of the foundation since its inception in 1982 and feels strongly that the wisdom of Indigenous communities will help slow the destruction of our environment.


Dylan Comb

Dylan is a grandson of our founder Don Comb and has been a diector since 2017. Coming from a background in marine science, Dylan is passionate about conservation and the restoration of both marine and terrestrial ecosystems. He currently works in the nonprofit sector as a researcher, utilizing genomic tools to answer fisheries-related questions. With a love for travel, learning, and interacting with diverse peoples and cultures, Dylan has visited many of our grassroots partners. He continues to be inspired and humbled by our grantees’ incredible passion, effort, and vital work.


Jovial King

Jovial has been a director since 2017. She is an entrepreneur, herbalist, environmentalist, and the granddaughter of our founder. The grantees she visited with her grandfather immensely impacted her at a young age, and it has been a great joy for Jovial to step into her role as a trustee. She believes deeply in the power of grassroots organizations and the importance of protecting biodiversity.


Barbara Vallarino

Barbara is honored to have joined the board in 2023, bringing her dedication and expertise in environmental conservation to this role. With over 20 years of experience in program strategy, Barbara has served as the executive director of EcoLogic Development Fund since 2012, leading its work on forest conservation and restoration in partnership with rural and Indigenous communities and organizations in Mesoamerica. Barbara holds a JD in Environmental Law from the University of Washington and is a member of the Washington State Bar Association. She earned a BA cum laude with a double major in environmental earth science and anthropology from Dartmouth College. Raised in Panama, Barbara's multicultural background enables her to effectively communicate and collaborate with diverse stakeholders. As a member of our board, Barbara is eager to continue driving positive change in the field of environmental conservation, while learning from the work of the foundation’s grantees and partners.

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