Geographic Focus

We encourage proposals for community-based projects in settings where our small grants can make a big impact. Because we are a small foundation, we must limit our grants to specific countries and are unable to consider requests from areas outside of our geographic focus.

International Grants

We are actively funding projects in the following regions and target landscapes:

Central America

In Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras:

In Nicaragua:

Andean South America

West Africa

In Ghana:

In Cameroon:

Please note that we are no longer actively funding in Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, or El Salvador. We will occasionally consider, by invitation only, proposals for projects in these countries.

U.S. Grants

While the foundation's emphasis is on working internationally, we do fund a limited number of local projects in coastal communities along the North Shore of Massachusetts

Organizations working in these regions are welcome to approach us with inquiries for projects that fall within our Funding Priorities.